Typographie: Refraction – The Alphabet


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Refraction – The Alphabet from Jesse Zanzinger on Vimeo.

A follow up refraction experiment featuring the Alphabet spoken by the late GREAT Richard Pryor. Mixed with Blockhead’s „Coloringbook“. Thanks so much Vimeo users for all the support on the first Refraction! The numbers midway through got a good response so I built on that technique using static letters instead of background animation. Type is refracted through backlit signage lettering and images on iPhone.

Camera: 5D, Lenses: EF 100, EF 100 – Reverse coupled to 50 1.4 for a couple shots. Honestly this was just too damn close. EF 24-105 L – Intro. Music: Coloringbook by Blockhead. Highly recommend listening to the full track, all of his music for that matter.

Mixed with Richard Pryor’s ABC’s, once again brought to you by Sesame Street.

via Monsieur Bandit

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